• Laura

Savory Crepes With Asparagus

The asparagus season is wonderful because there are so many delicious ways to eat these little green trees. Last spring I made a lovely gluten free asparagus tart with goat cheese and prosciutto, the recipe for which you can find here and now I've decided to share with you a very easy lunch recipe that features blanched asparagus wrapped in a gluten free crepe made with certified gluten free oat flour and rice flour. It's a very easy and healthy lunch and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have!


1 egg

80 ml milk

2 tbsp oat flour

1 tbsp rice flour

1 tsp baking powder

150 gr asparagus

sour cream

handful of cherry tomatoes

salad greens


1. Add one egg to a bowl with a little bit of salt and milk. Mix well to combine.

2. Add the oat and rice flours and the baking powder and mix.

3. Heat a pancake pan with a little bit of oil and cook the crepes until golden on both sides.

4. In the meantime, blanch the asparagus. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil and then add the asparagus. Cook them for two to three minutes, until dark green. Take them out and put them in a bowl with cold water to stop the cooking process.

5. Wash the salad greens and cherry tomatoes, and chop the tomatoes into smaller pieces.

6. Take a crepe and spread some sour cream on top. Add the asparagus, tomatoes and salad greens, wrap it and serve immediately. Bon appetit!