• Laura

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

A roasted butternut squash soup that is loaded with veggies is a great (start to an) easy lunch. The preparation is easy, you bake the vegetables, and then transform the roasted, flavorful veggies into a creamy soup, without the need for a dairy creamer. This soup is an excellent way to use up some leftover baked squash as well - and if you roast a whole squash just for this recipe and have leftovers - you can also make a great creamy pasta sauce or puree the squash and use it to make an amazing breakfast.

This soups is naturally slightly sweet, thanks to all the yummy sweet vegetables that are in it, but with the addition of spices and seasonings, the sweetness balances great with other flavors. If you want, you can add some turmeric and black pepper to harness the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. If you want a little kick and warming effect, feel free to add some ginger to the onions as you sautee them. When serving the soup, you can add a bit of creme fraiche for the ultimate indulgence.


600 gr butternut squash

100 gr carrots

1 red onion

2 apples

1 L water or vegetable stock

salt, pepper, thyme

ghee or olive oil

spring onions

hemp seeds


1. Cut the butternut squash in half, take out the seeds, and oil it with a little bit of olive oil. Bake it in the oven with carrots and apples for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius (356 Farenheit) or until the squash is completely tender.

2. Heat some ghee or olive oil in pot and add the chopped onion. As the onion is cooking through, cut the squash, carrots and apples into smaller pieces, and add into the pot with the onion. Season with salt, pepper and thyme.

3. Add a liter of heated water or vegetable stock and cook for around 10 minutes.

4. Take the pot off the fire and blend the soup with the vegetables by using a hand or regular blender. You want it to become completely creamy.

5. Before serving, sprinkle with some spring onions and hemp seeds. Bon apetit!

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