• Laura

Homemade Sunflower Butter Easter Eggs in a Chocolate Nest

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

A chocolate nest sits on a delicate doily, filled with pale blue sunflower butter filled chocolate eggs.

Spring has finally arrived!

The sun is shining, the days are longer, and birds are chirping day or night. One of my favorite things to do in the springtime is to open my bedroom window and breathe in the fresh air made fragrant by all the pretty blooms from the neighborhood. I know some people might get annoyed by birds and their songs, especially early in the morning, if they feel like their sleep has been disturbed or cut short, but not me. I adore hearing their beautiful songs, especially when I wake up just before sunrise. The air is a bit chilly, perfect for deep rejuvenating breaths, and the birds are calling to each other from one tree to the next. It is incredible to realize, in the silence of those hours, just how loud these birds can be. It’s a jungle out there! And I do not live in a jungle! It amazes me every single time.

Most of the times, when I spontaneously wake up before sunrise I have this whole idea of staying awake, doing yoga, meditating and having my morning coffee ritual in the pale sunlight. However, more often than not, I end up scurrying back to bed to continue my dreamland adventures. I have wanted to become an early riser on more than one occasion, but I have not succeed in implementing that habit into my daily life. I find that when I sleep for longer, I also have more vivid dreams or I at least remember them better. I guess I am still too selfish to let go of those dreamy adventures, solving crimes, exploring other worlds, finding hidden treasures – the possibilities are endless!

There is another reason I have not become a super early riser yet – on the rare occasion that I do wake up quite earlier than I normally would – I experience a very urgent and overwhelming need for a nap in the early to late afternoon hours. You know like when you eat a very large carb-filled meal, or eat a ton of sugary snacks, and then it just hits you: neednaptimenow. That struggle is real. Then I either have to reach for my trusted bestie called Miss Caffeine, or I just lie down on the nearest comfortable surface and disappear into the nap kingdom for a couple dozen minutes.

A hand holds the little chocolate nest filled with bright blue eggs.

Luckily, nowadays I have significantly reduced my sugar consumption so those sugar lows are not as common. Likewise, I make all of my recipes very low in sugar, and the same goes for this recipe. After an elaborate Easter breakfast and lunch, the last thing you want is for your adorable little snack that you serve with coffee to be overly sweet and to send you into an hour long food coma. But you do want the snack to be cute and maybe even get a few “oohs” and “aahs” once you serve it, right?

Today I am going to be sharing a very easy but very visually appealing dessert: homemade sunflower butter filled chocolate eggs in a chocolate nest. All of those singing birds I talked about really inspired me to do something more special this season. These eggs are gluten free and vegan, contain some dried fruit and almonds and were gone in one day! That’s how big of a hit they were in our household.

A delicate white flower branch in the foreground is blurred, while a chocolate nest filled with blue eggs is focused on in the background.

I had originally planned to make a nest out of just melted chocolate – and make thin strips around a little bowl coated with cling wrap and freeze it. But then I stumbled upon another nest building technique somewhere around Pinterest or YouTube, which uses those thin rice noodles (which I love) and some dark chocolate. I decided to try out that technique and it worked beautifully. The only thing is – I am not really sure this nest is edible – the noodles are dry and hard and I have not even tried taking a bite out of them. But I guess if you really wanted to, you could lick the chocolate off the nest. Let me know how it goes if you try doing that!

In any case, this snack is sure to have a wow factor once you bring it out for your family or friends. You could even make a few mini nests as very unique gifts for your loved ones. In Croatia, it is customary to gift each other regular chicken eggs which have been decorated, but why not switch it up and give someone a little chocolate nest full of delicious sweet mini eggs instead?! I am sure it would be a lovely surprise! And who knows, you might make a bunch of eggs to give away as gifts and then realize they are just so cute and yummy that you’d rather eat them all yourself and still have a mini sugar high party. It’s alright, it can be our little secret!

A hand holds a single chocolate Easter egg, while the nest with the other eggs is blurred in the background.

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seed Butter Eggs


100 grams sunflower butter

20 grams puffed amaranth

40 grams white chocolate

A handful of dried fruit (I used cranberries and raisins)

A handful of almonds (finely chopped)

60 grams white chocolate

1 teaspoon coconut oil

5-6 drops of blue food coloring

1 teaspoon dark cocoa powder

1 teaspoon rum


1. In a bowl, mix the sunflower seed butter with the puffed amaranth. Melt the 40 grams of white chocolate and add it to the mixture.

2. Finely chop your almonds (or any other nuts you wish to use) and add them to the mixture. Also, add the dried fruit of your choice: I used dried cranberries and golden raisins. Once it is all well incorporated, leave the mixture in the fridge to cool. As it cools down, it will also become stiffer which will make it easier to form our eggs.

3. Once the mixture has cooled, take a teaspoon and scoop out equal amounts of the mix. Using your hands, roll the mixture into egg like shapes. Once you have rolled all of the eggs, put them into the freezer for a little bit, while you prepare the chocolate glaze.

4. Melt the rest of the white chocolate with a teaspoon of coconut oil over low heat. Once it has completely melted, add 5 to 6 drops of blue food coloring in order to get a pale blue/baby blue shade.

5. Take your eggs one by one, and dip it into the glaze using two teaspoons. Once they are completely coated, let them rest on a plate or little cutting board that you have lined with aluminum foil. Once all of the eggs have been coated, put them back into the freezer so the chocolate glaze can harden.

6. To add the little specs to the eggs, mix one teaspoon of dark cocoa powder with one teaspoon of rum. Make sure you have a clean paintbrush for this step. Take the paintbrush and dip it into the cocoa mixture which should not be too runny nor too thick. Then use your finger to flick the cocoa mixture off the paintbrush and onto the eggs. You might get some specks of cocoa all around during this process, so to avoid a lot of cleanup hold the paintbrush fairly close to the eggs.

7. Keep the eggs in the fridge and serve them cold.

A hand is holding an Easter egg, we see a bite has been take out of it and the inside filling of the egg is showing.

Chocolate Nest


Thin rice noodles

50 grams chocolate


1. To make the nest, take the rice noodles and either cut them into smaller pieces with a pair of scissors, or use your hands to break them apart into smaller pieces. Put them in a larger bowl (there will be some mixing involved so it is better to have more room to maneuver).

2. Melt the chocolate and add it to the noodles. Use your hands (it will be a bit messy) to evenly coat all of the noodles.

3. Take a bowl you have previously wrapped with cling wrap and add the noodles, forming a nest with your hands. Take a smaller bowl, which you have also wrapped with cling wrap, and put it on top of the nest. You can even put something heavy in the smaller bowl to put some pressure on the nest so it holds the shape better.

4. Put it in the fridge for half an hour to harden.

5. Once it has chilled completely, take the nest out of the fridge and carefully remove it from the cling wrap. Your nest is ready and can now be the home for your beautiful sweet Easter eggs!