• Laura

Halloween Stuffed Bell Peppers

A fork takes out a black rice risotto out of a Halloween stuffed and baked bell pepper that is carved like a jack o lantern.
I've never been so proud of myself for managing to make food look so spooky (can you see the dangling eye)?

Halloween treats are loved by people of all ages. But they are also usually quite disappointing when we look at them from a nutritional standpoint. However, these gluten free stuffed bell peppers will bring the both of all worlds: the fun of Halloween and the deliciousness and nutrition of real and whole food. In this recipe, I've used black rice for three reasons:

  1. it is healthy

  2. it is spooky

  3. it is delicious.

This recipe features bell peppers stuffed with a yummy risotto and baked in the oven with some cheese. What is there not to love?! I used a mixture of Parmesan and soft goat cheese, but you can use any (or none) cheese you love and know will melt nicely. The melted gooey cheese really adds to the illusion that you are eating a bell peppers brain as it stretches between the pepper, fork and your mouth. Spooky deliciousness.

I used yellow and red bell peppers in this recipe, but if you can get your hands on some orange ones that will be even better as it will compliment the whole Jack o'lantern feel even better. In any case, remember to have fun and enjoy the whole process and you are sure to smile at your delicious Halloween meal before you devour it!

A yellow bell pepper carved like a jack o lantern and stuffed with a black risotto.

A red and yellow bell pepper sit side by side, both carved like jack o lanterns and stuffed with a gluten free rice risotto.


3-4 yellow, orange or red bell peppers

1 cup of black rice

1 sausage

1 sweet potato

1 clove garlic

salt, pepper, thyme

cheese of choice


1. Place a little olive oil, cubed sausage, minced garlic and little cubes of sweet potato in a pan on low heat for a few minutes.

2. After you've let the ingredients sautee for a little bit, add the rice and stir it around the pot for around a minute. Season with salt, pepper and thyme and add water to the pot, enough to immerse all the ingredients, but not too much. It is better to start with less water and add more if needed later on.

3. Allow the ingredients to simmer lightly until the rice cooks through. Black rice needs around 30 to 40 minutes of cooking. Stir the rice occasionally and add a bit more water if needed (if it all evaporates way before the 30-40 minutes you are aiming for).

A yellow stuffed bell pepper carved like a jack o lantern with black rice coming out of its carved mouth.

4. In the meantime, wash the bell peppers and cut their top off. Scoop out the seeds and carve out the eyes and the mouth. For the easiest shapes, just make a couple of triangles for the eyes and a half moon for the mouth.

5. Once the risotto cooks and cools down a little bit, fill the bell peppers with the risotto. The amount of risotto in this recipe is enough to fill three to four medium sized bell peppers.

6. If you want to, grate some cheese on top of the risotto, cover with the top of the bell pepper and let it bake in an oven safe pot, for 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

7. Serve immediately. Bon appetit!