• Laura

Fresh Fig Crepes

Gluten free crepes with dark chocolate ganache and fresh figs on a plate, another plate blurred in the distanace.

Deliciously easy gluten free crepes with fresh figs! These crepes are soft and can cook very crispy at the edges, doused in a runny and warm dark chocolate ganache and topped with fresh figs. A wonderful dessert that doesn't take long to make and will make any fig lover smile from ear to ear!


2 eggs

3 tbsp sugar

pinch of salt

100 ml milk

80 gr gluten free flour mix

50 gr buckwheat flour

1 tsp baking powder

100 ml sparkling water

100 gr dark chocolate

100 ml heavy whipping cream

fresh figs


1. In a bowl, mix the eggs with the sugar, salt and milk.

2. Add the dry ingredients: gluten free flour mix, buckwheat flour and baking powder.

3. Mix in the sparkling water until you get the right consistency for a crepe batter.

4. Cook the crepes and set them aside.

5. Melt the dark chocolate and cream on low heat to create a chocolate sauce.

6. Cut the fresh figs and set aside.

7. Assemble the crepes by filling them with the chocolate sauce, place the fresh figs on top and drizzle with more chocolate. Serve immediately.