• Laura

Creamy Red Radicchio Risotto with Hokkaido Squash Cream and Chestnuts

A creamy gluten free red radicchio risotto with hokkaido squash cream and chestnuts in a white bowl on a blue plate and a white wooden background. Some chestnuts are scattered along the scene.

Is this the ultimate fall-flavor risotto? It might be!

This extra creamy risotto features some real seasonal gems - delicious cooked chestnuts, healthy Hokkaido squash and some beautifully red radicchio leaves. I've taken the traditional red radicchio risotto that we know and love and turned it into an autumnal rhapsody of flavors. If you wish, you can easily turn this dish into a vegan or lactose-free one by swapping the heavy cream from the list with a plant-based cooking cream.


260 gr Hokkaido squash

100 gr cooked and peeled chestnuts

200 gr red radicchio

1 cup of rice

1 dcl white wine

50 ml heavy cream

salt pepper, thyme


1. Cook and peel the chestnuts. Set aside.

2. Take the Hokkaido squash and cut it into smaller pieces and cook. You can either cook it or bake it in the oven, whichever way is easier for you. We will use it to make a sauce so the cooking method is not super important as long as we get a puree out of it.

3. Heat some oil in a pan and add the red radicchio leaves which you've previously cut into bite sized pieces. Cook it for around a minute, stirring occasionally.

4. Add the rice into the pan and toast it until it starts becoming a bit translucent, for a bout a minute. Then pour enough boiling water to submerge all the rice and radicchio.

5. While the rice cooks on medium low heat, stir the contents occasionally. In the meantime, take the cooked squash and place it in a blender with the heavy cream and blend until you get a delicious orange cream.

A side view of the red radicchio, chestnut and hokkaido squash risotto in a white bowl. A few chestnuts and a squash are visible in the background.

6. Season the risotto: add salt, pepper and a teaspoon of thyme and add the white wine. Continue cooking and stirring the risotto.

7. After a few minutes, add the Hokkaido squash cream and mix it in.

8. Once the risotto is almost done, slowly and gently stir in the cooked chestnuts. If you manage to get a few whole cooked chestnuts that haven't been broken in the cooking process, you can set them aside for decoration while serving.

9. Serve immediately. Bon Appetit!