• Laura

Black Sesame Swirl Banana Bread

Gluten Free black sesame swirl banana bread on a cutting board.

After many different banana bread variations that I've baked, I was absolutely mind-blown by this tasty combination and I think this version might be my favorite (at least it's in my top three banana breads!). The deliciousness that the black sesame paste brings to this banana bread is two-fold: it makes it look oh so pretty with the contrasting swirl and it brings a whole new dimension of flavor that is unexpected in a banana bread. It's sweet and nutty, but without overpowering the flavor of the banana bread itself!

I've devoured this bread as it is, there was no need to cover it with any additional nut butters or chocolate spreads. However, if you find a spread that works so beautifully with this bread that you just gotta eat them together, do let me know so I can try it! :)


2 eggs

55 gr sugar

pinch of salt

3 ripe bananas (around 400gr peeled)

150 ml milk

160 gr gluten free flour mix

85 gr buckwheat flour

12 gr baking powder


70 gr toasted black sesame seeds

80 gr sugar

1 vanilla sugar (or 1 tsp vanilla essence)

65 gr butter

50 gr milk

Two cut pieces of a gluten free banana bread with a black sesame paste swirl on plates on a white background, the rest of the loaf is on a cutting board in the background.


1. Prepare the banana bread dough: in a bowl, mix the eggs, salt, sugar and milk. Add the bananas and use a fork to mash them. Mix in the gluten free flour mix and buckwheat flour and the baking powder.

2. Toast the sesame seeds in a pan, and then transfer them to a blender. Add the sugar and vanilla sugar or essence, and grind them. Then add the melted butter and milk and continue blending until a slightly runny paste forms.

3. Cover your baking tin with baking paper and add one third of the dough. Add one half of the sesame filling on top and use a skewer to gently mix in the sesame paste into the dough forming beautiful swirls. Add the second third of the dough and the rest of the sesame seed paste and repeat the artistic process with the skewer. Lastly, pour the rest of the banana bread dough on top.

4. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let the bread cool down before cutting and serving.