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I am a Croatian foodie, photographer and gluten free recipe developer. Oh, and I am also a lingerie designer at shobain.com :)

​During my studies, I focused on culture, heritage and professional stress eating during exam season. It was glorious. And very unhealthy.

It was during that university time that I started cooking for myself every day. There were of course those days of intense laziness where I'd rush to the mensa last minute to get a meal, but for the most part, I tried to feed myself good, healthy food.

After graduating, to everyone's surprise, I decided to come back home. Around this time I realized I had to cut out gluten out of my diet if I wanted my body to work for me instead of against me. And this is how my journey into healing begun. 



I was adamant to make my new gluten free lifestyle a delicious and joyful adventure. I started experimenting more in the kitchen, and feeding my family my concoctions and creations. And they loved it: there have been a lot of mmhs and aahs at our dining table. 

So I decided to share my recipes on the internet. They are my way of connecting with the world in a new way. I truly hope and wish for people to try, make and enjoy my recipes. I want to show you that gluten free cooking can be absolutely delicious and nutritious, especially if you have to or want to change your diet. It doesn't mean you can't have super delicious meals anymore. Au contraire, there's a whole new world of creativity and flavors waiting to be discovered and I hope you will join me on this culinary adventure!

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